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The Secret Of Opportunity

One day in a beautiful morning, a young man was lying lazily on a couch not far from a busy market. Though the market was so crowded with shoppers and sellers passing by,

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

One day in a beautiful morning, a young man was lying lazily on a couch not far from a busy market. Though the market was so crowded with shoppers and sellers passing by, he was not disturbed by the crowd. He continued to lie down lazily trying to get more sleep.

A merchandiser who happened to pass by was surprised to see him. He approached him and asked, "Hey, young man, the morning is so beautiful. Everybody is busy working! Why are you lying lazily here?"

The young man opened one of his eyes a bit and answered with his weak voice, "I am waiting for opportunity to come."

The merchandiser was so shocked to get such an answer. "Do you know what it looks like?"

He just nodded his head as a sign of no. "People say that I have to wait for opportunity to come then I can change my luck. I will be successful, rich and get whatever I want. Therefore, I just wait here," explained the young man.

"You don't even know what it is like, so why should you wait? You better come with me, help me out. Join me. You can change your life if you want to learn to follow my steps," offered the merchandiser.

"Ah, non-sense. Go away! Don't disturb me," shouted the young man madly.

Getting such unpleasant words, the merchandiser hurriedly left the young man. Not long after that, an old man approached him. He still could see the merchandiser going away from his sight.

Afterward, he looked at the young man next to him. "Hey, young man. I have been watching you lying here waiting for opportunity to come. Have you got it yet?"

The young man then got up and said no.

"Didn't it just come to you? The man that you just drove away is a wealthy merchandiser. Why didn't you follow him and take his offer?" asked the old man curiously.

Upon hearing the old man, the young man suddenly realized his mistake. He hurriedly got up and shouted to call the merchandiser. Too bad, the merchandiser had left. Even so, he kept on shouting for him. He tried to find him but it was really too late.

"Hey, it is useless to shout like that. Your opportunity just left you," said the old man. The young man looked sad and wanted to cry. He sat recklessly not knowing what to do to get the opportunity back. Because of his narrow mind, the opportunity just left and all the time that he had spent to wait for it to come to nothing.

Feeling sorry for him, the old man advised him, "Young man, if you want to get opportunity you must know the secret. You cannot catch opportunity if you cannot identify it. When you really want to have it seriously, it may not come. But when you are not serious, it may be just in front of you. When it came through the merchandiser, you did not recognize it and it just went away and might not come back anymore. "

"If that so, what should I do?"

"Fine, I'll give you another secret. Opportunity does not only come once. If you miss it once, one day it will come back. But remember, opportunity doesn't come just like that. There must be something you do to create and strive for it."

"That's right, I will try to follow your advice," promised the young man. The old man then told him another secret, "You must also know that there isn't a right moment to start looking for and finding opportunity. So, don't wait. Start right now, get up and do your best. Work hard and fight till end, then opportunity will come just in time when you are ready to get and do it."

Dear readers,

There are so many of us trapped in the wrong view that when we are lucky, opportunity will come by itself. When it still does not come, we just wait, wait, and wait. This mind set is out of date or even misdirected. It will take us to wrong direction. It is proven that those who just wait, opportunity never knocks on their doors. Even when it comes, they do not recognize it but miss it.

On the contrary to the previous one is the mindset that always creates and chooses opportunity. We have the right to possess this mindset. We can obtain it by deciding, creating and striving for opportunity. Deciding means creating commitment to reach opportunity by being active. Creating means taking affirmative steps to open opportunity and proactively do the best to make it come to us. And striving means generating right effort so that opportunity is best used to bring maximum outcome as we wish.

Sometimes, we just have small opportunity that we might not appreciate. My experience has taught me not to ignore an opportunity no matter how small it is. Many great achievements start from small opportunities that others ignore. It is true that only people who can identify opportunity can enjoy great and excellent result. They are usually good in maximizing small opportunity by turning them into excellent output with right decision and action. Hopefully, you are one of the lucky people!!

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